5 Best Wireless Earbuds for Running of 2016

     When you’re looking for new earbuds, you might as well go all out. You want your earbuds to be sturdy and durable. They need to last a while and be able to take a beating at the same time. When you’re running a marathon or running to the office, you need to be sure that you have the best gear you possibly could. Below are the five best wireless earbuds for working out or running, allowing you to exercise or run errands without being hindered by cords or wires. These wireless earbuds will be able to help you listen to your music, answer a call, or anything else you may want to hear, without messy cords or distractions.

1) Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth wireless earbuds

      These amazing wireless earbuds sit around the back of your head and are specifically made to stay in your ears no matter how hard your workout is. They’re waterproof, withstanding fresh water for up to 30 minutes, sweat proof, with invisible Nano-coating tech and an 8-hour battery life. They have a special feature which allows you to hear the outside world subtly while listening to your music. This makes it so you can hear possible dangers in your area, such as a car coming down the street. It’s on-ear controls allow you to freely change the song and control your calls through the Bluetooth technology built into these wireless earbuds. No matter what form of exercise you’re doing, or what kinds of errands you run, you’ll always be able to take calls and listen to your jams, all in a comfortable, stylish and functional device.

2) Powerbeats 2 Wireless earbuds

      The Powerbeats 2 is an amazing pair of wireless earbuds. They can pair up and play from any Bluetooth device within a 30 feet range, allowing you to pair it up with your phone. This will let you play any music and answer calls right from your headset. This headset is also sweat and water resistant, to ensure that the people who will use this to train and exercise extensively will have a continuous stream of music as they need it. With no slip, grip Remote Talk control you can adjust music and answer calls without a problem. The cord is adjustable and doesn’t tangle, lightweight it makes sure you have the best experience with the least amount of weight on your shoulders. They come with a carrying case, universal micro USB cable, cable management clips and much more.

3) AUKEY Sport Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless earbuds

      With Bluetooth 4.1 tech paired with A2DP support and noise cancellation these amazing wireless earbuds are clear, crisp, and provide wonderful sound quality. The tangle free cord and sweat proof nature is perfect for all exercise styles. With up to 5 hours of play time, these earbuds have 96 hours of standby time and will reach a full charge in an hour or two. Quick and efficient, these headsets provide amazing clarity and are perfect for hands-free calls and hands-free exercise. With easy to use controls, swapping a song or managing a phone call is almost second nature, intuitive and sleek. With Apple product compatibility it also is compatible with Windows and Android devices. The AUKEY Sport is an amazing product and deserves its place here on the list of top 5 wireless earbuds for running .

4) SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless earbuds -Black/Silver

      The SOL REPUBLIC Shadow wireless earbuds are efficient and wonderful with a masterful design. They have a great premium sound quality with amazing highs and lows. It’s naturally fitting design has a built in mic and music controls letting you control your calls and music with grace and ease. You can use it almost all day, with an 8-hour battery life these earbuds don’t stop cranking out the music. They’re water resistant, and they ensure your day is going to go well, without cords or struggling with the mechanics to change a song or take a call with its Bluetooth 4.0 aptX technology. The best part of these wireless earbuds have to be the naturally fitting design; it makes the SOL REPUBLIC Shadow stand out from the rest.

5) Jabra SPORT PULSE  Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Earbuds

      These wonderful earbuds are not only wireless, but they’re sporty and stylish as well with their bright yellow tips. They have Dolby sound enhancement and a built-in heart rate monitor, to allow you to track your heart rate as you run, and possibly per song. The Sport Life app calibrates for an amazing fit and heart rate measurement along with training and sophisticated fitness tests. You can control calls and music directly from the controls on the headphones. These headphones can withstand being dropped, dirt, strength abuse, temperate and humidity abuse as its IP55 Certified. This pair of headphones will work with the most popular fitness applications on Android and IOS devices, handing out alerts due to their pace and distance. They’re sleek and provide clear, crisp sounding audio for both music and calls. No matter what you need the Jabra SPORT PULSE is sure to be one of the best wireless earbuds to get the job done.

      From the Plantronics BackBeat Fit to the Jabra SPORT PULSE, all of these headsets have a few things in common. They’re wireless earbuds with crisp audio, waterproof, and provide amazing quality in both material and the fluidness of their call and song managing options. They all are a little bit different, though, some have options such as heart rate monitoring, while others are as simple as being able to connect to your device within 30 feet. All of these headsets have amazing quality and perform on an immaculate level. No matter which headset on this list you choose you can rest assured that you’ve selected a quality product with amazing quality, comfort, and convenience. With every headset on this list, you have durability, functionality, clear crisp calls and music and an amazing product that will last you for years. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a call to the office, or jamming out to your favorite tunes; you’ll always be prepared with any one of these amazing headsets.