Top 5 Puppy food review of 2016

       Why should we look for the best puppy food?

   A new puppy is a life changing event and a challenging one, you have entered into a new world of companionship and trust, and you may be confused on what to feed your new furry friend. While we try to find the most budget friendly products to review, dog food is an exception, what you feed your dogs especially while they’re  puppy’s is very important as they grow 20x faster than an adult dogs! The time span between a puppy and an adult is the most important. As it will reflect later down the road if the dog ends up with any health problems, That’s why its important to feed your dog the healthiest and nutritious food available.  


         What we’re looking for is puppy food with balanced nutrition that will set up your furry friend for a steady and healthy growth, now one reason we aren’t looking at the cheap stuff  is because a good bag of puppy food will last a lot longer than the cheap stuff. Mainly because puppy food with quality is high in nutrient density which means your little one won’t have to eat more to get full, So what ingredients are we looking for? Lets find out  below


What ingredients we want

Whole animal products- The first ingredient  we need to see is a type of whole animal product like lamb, salmon or chicken. Our first priority is protein  and your dog needs a quality source of it. 

natural oils and fat- Now its important to have these for overall health and energy. we need one with a decent quality of  fats and oils from quality plant and animal sources this will make your dog’s coat shine  and strengthen it’s muscles.

Essential vitamins and minerals-What we’re looking for in this section is calcium, vitamins A, E, C, B-complex , phosphorus, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Healthy grains-Now this part is tricky  your furry friend definitely needs his carbs but  watch out for  the cheap carbs that manufactures  pack into foods to keep the  price down.  Its honestly nothing than a bunch of empty calories. What you need to look for is  grains like rice,buckwheat,maize and oats at  reasonable levels.   


1: Blue buffalo Chicken and rice


Price: $65.99  (on sale for $45.30 As of 6/29/16)

Im pretty sure you guys guessed you’d see blue buffalo on this list, but lets start things off and get to the juicy stats of this one.

Protein: 27%  (Awesome! the first ingredient listed on the bag is Deboned chicken and right after that is chicken meal which is exactly what we want)

Fat:  16%

Fiber:  5%

Now this one is great because it hits all our goals. A source of Protein that is listed as the first ingredient. For healthy grains we have Brown rice, Barley and oatmeal which is our essentials, for our fats we have chicken fat which will help with it’s healthy skin and coat, and for vitamins to name a few we have B, C, E, D and A also on top of that we have flaxseed! which is a great source of two things, one being  a source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids but also being a excellent source of  fiber.


2:  Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Meal




Price: $77.27 ( on sale for $69.54 as of 6/29/16)

Next up we have instinct which is 70% animal ingredients 30% vegetables and fruits but 0% grains and gluten
Protein: 35%
Fats: 20%
Fiber: 4.0%
our very first ingredient on the bag is duck then turkey meal(turkey meal is  a meat concentrate that contains nearly 300% more protein  than fresh turkey) which gives us  our main protein source but this brand has no grains in it at all which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. we also have chicken fat, peas (which is the fiber your seeing) and again flaxseed! For vitamins  we have A, D3, E and B12 also for a little bonus we have  broccoli and blueberries.

3: Natural Balance Synergy 


Price: $58.99( on sale for $50.99 as of 6/29/16)

Protein: 28%
First ingredient on this one is also chicken then chicken meal  that’ll help with protein. For fiber we have barley and  brown rice on this one which is easy to digest for dogs, whats interesting about this one though is that it has beet pulp which is controversial its a high fiber by-product of sugar beet some people call it  a inexpensive filler  while other people praise it for its  amazing intestinal health and blood sugar  benefits which is up to you decide. 



4: Taste of the wild High Prairie Formula


Price: $44.99

This bag of dog food has some interesting ingredients but still what we’re looking for, most of my friends use this one actually and have told me about it many times

Protein: 35%
Fats: 20%
Fiber: 4.0%
The first ingredient in this one is buffalo then lamb meal for protien  for fiber we have sweet potato which are naturally rich in dietary fiber ontop of that we can chicory root,salmon oil and again flaxseed which is great! one thing is it also has canola oil which is another controversial item because it can sometimes be derived from modified rapesee. but others cite canola is a significant source of  omega-3 fatty acids.


5: Wellness core orginal formula


Price: $69.99 (on sale for 59.98 as of 6/28/16)

Last but not least we got wellness puppy formula!

Protein: 36%
Fats: 18%
Fiber: 5.0%
Now for this one the first ingredient is Deboned chicken  then chicken meal so you know the protein is there  for fiber we have  potatoes, flaxseed and sweet potatoes this one is also packed full of fruits and vegetables   like apples, blueberries, kale, broccoli and carrots so its very nutritional for vitamins we have E, C, B12 and D3 one interesting thing about this one is it has green tea extract and spearmint extract which will definitely help with the digestive track of your furry friend.
Final words
All of the above products are very good choices! all of them come with our essential ingredients in the order we needed but of course the choice depends on your decision, please let me know below which one you think is the best out of our top 5 choices and even feel free to leave a picture of your furry friend and if he loves the foods you picked!