College Checklist : Top 5 Things You’d Never Think Of

     Ok, so high school graduation is over and summer is half way through. Next on your agenda, besides partying with your buds for the last time, is beginning to sort through all those endless lists that you’ve been getting since you were accepted to the college of your dreams. Better warn your mom that more stuff than she can imagine will start to find its way into every nook and cranny of your home.
      Seriously though, have you looked at those college checklists? Every major retailer from IKEA to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target to Staples has a comprehensive list of what is absolutely essential to bring with you when you leave home. Some of those things are so painfully obvious that you wonder if they are addressing college students or preschoolers. Who wouldn’t figure out that you will need to bring sheets, pillowcases, and towels? What about your personal toiletries, your phone, laptop or tablet and the chargers that go with these items? So let’s put those college/dorm checklists aside for a moment and think about those things that will really be useful but that none of the major lists mention.


      Okay so picture this scenario: it’s Friday night and some friends drop by with some warm cans of beer. Now no one wants to drink warm beer but if you wait for them to get cold in the small dorm refrigerator that they have issued to you, you’ll be having your party Saturday morning. What is the solution to this you ask?

#1 The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage and Wine Chiller

College Checklist - Cooper cooler

It sells for $77.00 on Amazon and  can chill cans in one minute and wine bottles in six minutes. All you need is two trays of ice, water, and an electrical outlet. The way this product works is it chills the beverage by rotating it  while running it through the icy bath  it can easily  cool a beverage from room temperature to refrigerator temperature it even has a extra cold setting which can bring the beverage down to 34 degrees! a process they claim is 40 times faster than chilling in a freezer which i can gladly vouch for with my icy cold blue moon! Now on terms of what you can chill is pretty much anything you can think of like cans,beer bottles, wine bottles, juice boxes,  You can even chill plastic water bottles, which is quite convenient if you’re like me and forget to put newly purchased water bottles in the fridge before I actually need them. Does this handy little gadget appear on any college check list? No, No it doesn’t.




#2 Amazon fire TV

College checklist - Amazon Fire TV

Now this item that doesn’t appear on any dorm check list but it definitely should. It sells for $99 and it’s well worth it. It has 4K Ultra HD streaming capability, 75% more processing power than the previous generation, and even comes with voice control. It’s great for gaming, listening to music, sharing photos on your HDTV, as well as watching Hulu, Youtube, HBO GO, Movies and more importantly Netflix! What i like is that you can even watch live TV channels like NBC, ESPN, Cartoon network, HGTV and more! it also comes with your soon to be favorite assistant Alexa, the Fire TV remote control voice, she will help you to check local theater times, news, sports scores, the weather and even allow you to play music. Want to watch something? Just tell Alexa and you will be watching in minutes. This piece of technology should be on the top of your personal college checklist. Now this next item does appear on most dorm checklists but not in this form.




#3 Beatrice Mounted Magnetic Chalkboard

College checklist - Beatrice Chalkboard
Remember those small white boards that you had on your bedroom door when you were 10 or 12? This is the kind of organizational board that the average college checklist is telling you to put on your wish list. If you want to look cool in your dorm, think about the Beatrice Mounted Magnetic Chalkboard, available on Amazon in three sizes 10×20($39.99), 15×24($49.99) and 24×30  for $69.99. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally with the mounting hardware that is already installed. It has a faux woodgrain frame that looks more mature than that cutesy little white board. It is also magnetic so it is definitely multipurpose. It can be a welcome addition to any dorm room and will help you to organize all those things that will be bombarding you as a college student.
In addition to concerning yourself about your studies, your extra-curricular activities, and your social life (wink, wink).




#4 George Foreman Grill

College Checklist - George forman grill

Let’s get down to real business one of the main things that will be on your mind will be food. Being on the meal plan can be both a curse and a blessing. The blessing will be for your parents who will be confident that you are being fed. The curse is for you because, unless you are extremely lucky, using your college meal plan will be like eating cafeteria food for every meal, every day. You’re going to need some options here. That’s why im recommending this George Foreman  Serving Plate Grill. This little beauty will allow you to cook up to four servings at once. Four quarter-pound burgers, four boneless chicken breasts or more importantly a kick ass grilled cheese with a  combination of meat and MAYBE grilled vegetables that will surely keep you happy and satisfied. It definitely  will allow you the flexibility of having a midnight snack or the comfort of knowing that you won’t starve during a marathon study session. If you don’t want to rely on cafeteria food or worse, frozen microwave meals, remember to save room for this George Foreman Grill. This final item is one that I can guarantee will never make it onto any college or door checklist!

#5 AmazonBasics Security Safe

College checklist - security safe
Ok now really, would the idea of a security safe for your dorm ever cross your mind? I know it wouldn’t have crossed mine. But when you really think about it, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. You will have to store things that up until now, you didn’t have to concern yourself with. Think about things like your social security card, your health insurance card and related paperwork, expensive electronics and anything else you don’t want to lose, especially during a get together or small party anything can happen either through your own error or through someone else’s sticky fingers. The safe could be a life saver in case of an emergency and it’s available through Amazon for the reasonable price of $49.99. It is equipped with an electronic lock and two emergency override keys. It even comes with hardware that will allow you to bolt it to the wall, floor or a shelf. The only downside to this model is the fact that it is not waterproof or fireproof but I think its positives outweigh this one negative.
      So, when you begin to think about this new life that you will be starting, and all the things that will make it easier for you, remember to think outside the box. Look for the non-traditional items that probably won’t appear on those college checklists, but will definitely help you transition to college life and adulthood. Now you might be thinking “Man this list was helpful, is there more to this list?” The answer is yes! we are currently working on a second part to this post and even more post that will help you and many through beginning or continuing college! we will update the site or announce on social media when those are released, so don’t forget to follow us on twitter,facebook or instagram!