Dorm Checklist: 5 Essentials For Your Bedroom

Going to College is a big move, and living in a dorm or near campus is an even bigger move, as it’s likely the first time most young adults move out of the house, without their parents. It will be important to make sure you have all the essentials for your dorm bedroom, as it’ll be your living quarters for the next two to four years. So what exactly are you going to need for your room, besides the usual; you’ll always need things such as the basic bed, linens, trash can, desk, computer, etc. But what else, that you may not exactly think of bringing? Well thankfully, I’m here to help you. This checklist will help you add a few things to your dorm checklist that you may not have thought of at the top of your head. To start off, we have:

1: Honeywell HT 908 Turbo Force Circulator

Dorm Checklist-Fan

This Honeywell fan is perfect for a smaller sized room, and the perfect way to start off this dorm checklist, as the recent months have been blistering hot. Depending on the location of your bedroom, it might be particularly hot, especially in the summer. For those not living in a dorm, or paying utilities, running a fan is more energy efficient than running the air conditioning, so using a fan to cool off is definitely the better way to go. However, for those paying just a blanket housing bill, utilities aren’t a thing. Concurrently, having a fan is the smart way to go. With the ability to circulate the air in your room, it will always stay fresh, not allowing it to become stale. Also, having the air blow onto you is a great way to cool down in a jiffy. The Honeywell Turbo Force Ciculator is a quiet fan, for those who need peace and quiet in their room while studying. It has a removable grill, which allows for easy cleaning of the fan. And don’t let it’s smaller size fool you, it is a powerful fan which can easily help cool down your bedroom.While it does not have the ability to oscillate, it does feature three speeds, and the ability to be pointed up and down. But, for a smaller room like a bedroom, this fan is the perfect size. No need for overkill, spending an extra 50 or 100 dollars on a bigger fan.

Another issue that college students have, that I have struggled with, is organization and management of my week. With 5 classes going on, and tests on this day, assignments due on that day, and a date with your significant other on the weekend, you start to get confused, and might even miss assignments. However, there is a remedy for this, that can help get you back to being organized, and never miss another important date again.

2: Smart Planner Vertical Weekly Dry Erase Board

The vertical smart planner is a wonderful addition to your room. It’s magnetic, so it can easily fit on a fridge or mini fridge, but can also be hung up on the wall, or on the back of a door. Overlayed with long lasting clear dry erase laminate, adding things to planner has never been easier. All you need is a dry erase marker and eraser; in fact, this particular model comes with a dry erase marker already, with an eraser tip! No need to stop by the store to get a pack of dry erase markers. It’s very stylish, making it pleasant to look at, not dull and boring like a generic calendar. The thing I particularly liked about this was it’s 100% money-back guarantee. While I never needed to return it, it’s the peace of mind I get, knowing that if I ever have an issue with it, that they’ll refund me the whole cost! The planner is definitely a must-have for surviving the hustle and bustle of college life.

The next thing on my list is something that is more likely to be added to the average dorm checklist, but still a worthy one nonetheless.

3: Household Essentials Pop-Up Laundry Hamper

Dorm Checklist-Hamper

The Hamper is something that everybody needs, but not everybody uses. Keeping all your dirty laundry in one centralized area helps keep a room clean, and smells centralized. This is especially true if you don’t have a room all to yourself, but share a bedroom with a roommate.  Keeping a tidy appearance is a must, and something as simple as a laundry hamper takes great steps towards that. This pop-up laundry hamper allows you to pack it and take it from your old place to your new place with ease. The hamper is very lightweight, weighing just under two pounds, and has handles on its side for convenient mobility when it’s time to lug your dirty clothes to do the laundry. The one thing I particularly liked about this hamper is the breathable mesh. When dirty clothes convene into one central location with no method of air flow, it generates a foul odor. Nobody wants their clothes, and their room, to smell like that. With this breathable mesh, it allows air flow to prevent the odors which are caused by dirty clothes, sweat, and dampness. Having a hamper is definitely something that might seem trivial, but a must-have when it comes to stocking up your brand new dorm bedroom.

Admit it, you have lots of clothes. You never intended for it to happen, but you see a sale, and you gotta get one or two articles of clothing. The trick to having that amount of clothes, is how to organize and store them. Well, I have a product that should be able to help you with something like that.

4: MIU COLOR Collapsible Storage Boxes Bra Underwear Closet Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set

Dorm Checklist-Organizer

It doesn’t seem like much, but you’d be surprised how much these 4 little boxes can help. Now, the product says it’s a bra and underwear closet organizer, which it certainly can be, but that’s not all these boxes can do. This little doohickey can organize your bras and underwear, in addition to your socks, neck ties, scarves, accessories, undershirts, towels, and things of that nature. These can be stored in the closet, or as I do it, under the bed. These organizers are great because you no longer have to rummage through your drawers trying to find out what you are going to wear today. They are out in the open, allowing you to have full access, while being neatly divided, allowing you to be organized, not leaving your drawers a mess. The material these things are made with is awesome as well. Guaranteed to be moth-proof, mold-proof, moisture-proof, and very durable, you can rest easy using these. And plus, in that nice beige colour, they are sure to match any color scheme you have. 


And last on my dorm checklist, but certainly not least, is:

5: Espresso Finish Wooden Cheval Bedroom Floor Mirror

Dorm Checklist-Cheval Mirror


You have all these clothes, and as you try them on, you need a mirror to make sure that you look your best. That that shirt goes with those jeans, which matches those shoes. Well, now I have a solution for you. There are a few options for this, such as an over-the-door mirror, or a small counter type mirror, but those just don’t cut it. You need a full-bodied mirror allowing you to see your whole self. And for us taller folks, we need the swivel ability. The Wooden Cheval Bedroom Mirror is the solution to this. The espresso colour is a great addition to most any dorm room.  The wood it is made out of is excellent quality and the mirror itself doesn’t have that “fun house” effect that distorts you. Another great thing about this mirror is that the assembly is very simple, taking all of about 15 minutes to put together by yourself.

Go ahead, add these products to your dorm checklist. You may not have thought you’d need them, but I guarantee you it’ll make your life easier, allowing more time in your life to get those projects done, and at the end of the day, relax and have a bit of time to yourself. These products are part of the keys to your success at college. If you enjoyed this article, hop on over here to find out what else you might want to add to your checklist. Stay tuned for more great college-driven articles headed your way.